Aurflo Laundry Wash Bag


Where can I get Aurflo Laundry Washing Bag?

Currently, we're ONLY selling on Amazon Marketplace (amazon.com). We do not distribute nor selling to other vendors or any other e-commerce or online store platform. If you find one, please let us know through our contact form. We do not guarantee the authenticity of any third-party sites/sellers nor can we honor any returns or exchanges if the product was not purchased directly through our company.


How to use Aurflo Laundry Washing Bag?

For a new product straight from the packaging, you may feel the material is quite stiff because they are brand new, but it will get softer after the first load in the washing machine. For best results, we encourage you to fill no more than 3/4 of the bag for easy circulating and thorough cleaning. For maximum drying process, please untangle the clean laundry before loading them to the dryer. Therefore you will get less wrinkled and evenly dry laundry.


Can the bags go from the washer to the dryer?

Yes, they can. The benefit of using Aurflo laundry bag is to make it easier for you to do the laundry and easy post-wash sorting after drying. However putting it in the dryer BEFORE washing is NOT recommended. 


The bags have an innovative color coding. What is the color coding for? 

The different tags color makes the sorting easier. Just put one category to each bag. For example; socks and underwear; his and hers, baby clothes and bibs/socks. We encourage you NOT to put dark color and light color in one load of laundry since discoloration might occur even if you wash them in a separate bag.


Do the zippers stay closed during washing and drying? and what it's made of?

The smart zipper feature provides zipper protection/closure and it has auto-lock feature to stays closed, for a quiet and snag-free during washing and drying. Our stronger and tough zipper head is made of rust-resistant metal for a long lasting usage. 


How can we store the bag after use?

We provide a hanging loop in each bag so you can hang them air-dry while not in use. It's inside the bag near the zipper head and product tag.  

Is this wide mesh or the common tiny mesh?

Our laundry wash bags are made of double layers high-quality polyester mesh and made of unique structural pattern that differs from any other common bags. The fine mesh is in hexagon shapes surrounded by thicker mesh so they are durable and stretchable for thoroughly washing, rinsing and drying. The detail of the mesh construction is in our product listing.

Can these bags be used in the dryer and is there a recommended temperature?

It's NOT recommended for first use (brand new bag) to go straight to the dryer. It needs to go to the washing machine for the 1st cycle. For the dryer temperature, we did a test on the dryer with high setting and it holds well. Keep in mind that every dryer is different from the manufacturer and also machine type, our standard recommendation is to use no more than medium heat setting. Medium setting supposed to be no more than 130-140 Fahrenheit (54-60 Celsius). Other than that the age of the machine, lint accumulation and load amount also affect the temperature inside the dryer. Overall, medium heat setting is a standard safety precaution.